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Terminology used in the title of the "Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies" - "enterprise technologies" should be read as "industrial technologies". "Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies" publishes all those best ideas from the science, which can be introduced in the industry. Since, obtaining  the high-quality, competitive industrial products is based on introducing high technologies from various independent spheres of scientific researches, but united by a common end result - a finished high-technology product. Among these scientific spheres, there are engineering, power engineering and energy saving, technologies of inorganic and organic substances and materials science, information technologies and control systems. Publishing scientific papers in these directions are the main development "vectors" of the "Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies". Since, these are those directions of scientific researches, the results of which can be directly used in modern industrial production: space and aircraft industry, instrument-making industry, mechanical engineering, power engineering, chemical industry and metallurgy.

Therefore, the scientists, associated with modern production, have the opportunity to participate in technology transfer to industry, publishing the results of their applied scientific researches. Industrialists, in turn, can draw scientific and practical information from the journal - each in their direction:

  • specialists in management and computer science - from volumes "Applied Information Technologies and Control Systems", "Mathematics and Cybernetics - Applied Aspects";
  • mechanical and design engineers - from the volume "Applied Mechanics";
  • production engineers - from volumes "Mechanical Engineering Technology", "Applied Physics", " Materials Science", "Technology of organic and inorganic substances and the Ecology";
  • production and power engineers - from the volume "Energy-saving technology and equipment".

The goal of the journal is to eliminate the gap, which occurs between the rapidly emerging new scientific knowledge and their introduction in the industry, which requires much more time. Industrial enterprises are active subscribers to the "Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies", and production engineers check the practical value of those scientific and technological ideas, which are recommended for implementation by scientists-authors of the ''Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies".

The objective of the journal in achieving the goal is forming a "scientific component" of modern technologies transfer from science to industry. Therefore, in the papers, published in the journal, the emphasis is placed on both scientific novelty, and practical value.

Vol 5, No 11 (89) (2017): Technology and Equipment of Food Production

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Table of Contents

Technology and Equipment of Food Production

Investigation of the effect of multicomponent acidulants on the preservation of freshness and aroma of rye-wheat bread PDF
Tatyana Sylchuk, Olena Bilyk, Volydymyr Kovbasa, Vira Zuiko 4-9
Study into collagen hydrolyzate applicability as a structure forming agent PDF
Nadya Dzyuba, Iryna Bilenka, Anna Palvashova, Elena Zemlyakova 10-17
Research intoeffect of the synbiotic complex on the quality of a fat filling for waffles PDF
Hanna Korkach 18-25
Formation of biofilms on dairy equipment and the influence of disinfectants on them PDF
Mykola Kukhtyn, Oleksandra Berhilevych, Khrystyna Kravcheniuk, Oksana Shynkaruk, Yulia Horyuk, Nazariy Semaniuk 26-33
Determining the effect of lupin flour and inula on the flow of metabolic processes in the organism PDF
Maria Paska, Ulyana Drachuk, Olga Masliichuk, Volodymyr Vovk 34-39
A technology developed to produce hot fish marinades for a jellylike filling of prolonged storage PDF
Yana Barysheva, Oleg Glushkov, Tatiana Manoli, Tatiana Nikitchina, Anatoliy Bezusov 40-45
Study into effect of plant supplements on the quality indicators of gingerbread and similar spice-cakes PDF
Mikhail Kravchenko, Natalya Yaroshenko 45-54
Optimization of technology for shredding the bee pollen PDF
Sergey Merzlov, Neonila Lomova, Serhiy Narizhniy, Olha Snizhko, Viktor Voroshchuk 55-60
Influence of the polyfunctional food supplement “Magnetofооd” on the quality of the wheat-rye bread “Kharkiv Rodnichok” in the storage process PDF
Iryna Tsykhanovska, Victoria Evlash, Alexandr Alexandrov, Karina Svidlo, Tatуana Gontar 61-70
Research of extraction of biologically active substances from grape pomace by the subcritical water PDF
Valeri Sukmanov, Anatoliy Ukrainets, Volodymyr Zavialov, Andrii Marynin 70-80