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Vagan Terziyan

Vagan Terziyan Mail
University of Jyvaskyla, Finland

Professor, Department of Mathematical Information Technology


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Selected Publications:

1. Virrantaus, K., Markkula, J., Garmash, A., Terziyan, V., Veijalainen, J., Katanosov, A., Tirri, H. (2011). Developing GIS-Supported Location-Based Services. Web Information Systems Engineering, 2, 66–75.

2. Ermolayev, V., Keberle, N., Plaksin, S., Kononenko, O., Terziyan, V. (2004). Towards a framework for agent-enabled semantic web service composition. International Journal of Web Services Research, 1 (3), 63–87.

3. Katasonov, A., Kaykova, O., Khriyenko, O., Nikitin, S., Terziyan, V. (2008). Smart Semantic Middleware for the Internet of Things. Informatics in Control Automation and Robotics, 169–178.

4. Veijalainen, J., Terziyan, V., Tirri, H. (2006). Transaction Management for m-Commerce at a Mobile Terminal. Electronic Commerce Research and Applications, 5 (3), 229–245.

5. Puuronen, S., Terziyan, V., Tsymbal, A. (1999). A Dynamic Integration Algorithm for an Ensemble of Classifiers. Foundations of Intelligent Systems: 11th International Symposium ISMIS'99, LNAI, 1609, 592–600.

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7. Kaykova, O., Khriyenko, O., Kovtun, D., Naumenko, A., Terziyan, V., Zharko, A. (2005). General Adaption Framework: Enabling Interoperability for Industrial Web Resources. International Journal on Semantic Web and Information Systems, 1 (3), 31–63.