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Rab Nawaz Lodhi

Rab Nawaz Lodhi Mail
Institute of Business and Management, University of Engineering and Technology Lahore, Pakistan

Assistant Professor


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Selected Publications:

1. Lodhi, R. N., Mahmood, Z., Bilal, A. (2012). Relationship-Based Approach to ERP System and Financial Performance: A Conceptual Model. Science Series Data Report Journal, 4 (9), 95–103.

2. Lodhi, R. N., Malik, R. K., Habiba, U. (2012). Foreign Direct Investment Attractiveness in Pakistan. Science Series Data Report Journal, 4 (3), 8–23.

3. Lodhi, R. N., Malik, R. K. (2013). Impact of Electricity Shortage on Daily Routines: A Case Study of Pakistan. Energy & Environment, 25 (5), 701–709.

4. Lodhi, R. N., Siddiqi, M. A., Habiba, U. (2013). Empirical Investigation of the Factors Affecting Foreign Direct Investment in Pakistan: ARDL Approach. World Applied Sciences Journal, 22(9), 1318–1325.

5. Qamar, N., Lodhi, R. N. (2013). An Empirical Study of Cause Related Marketing and Consumer Purchase Decision: Evidence from Pakistan. World Applied Sciences Journal, 23(8), 1125–1134.

6. Javed, M., Saeed, R., Lodhi, R. N., Malik, Q. Z. (2013). The Effect of Board Size and Structure on Firm Financial Performance: A Case of Banking Sector in Pakistan. Middle East Journal of Scientific Research, 15(2), 243–251.

7. Saeed, R., Ghafoor, O., Lodhi, R. N. (2013). Factors affecting Customer Satisfaction in Health Care Services in Pakistan. Journal of Basic and Applied Scientific Research, 3(5), 947–952.