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Larisa Rybak

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Starooskol Institute of Technology, Russian Federation


Department of Automation and Industrial Electronics

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Selected Publications:

1. Gaponenko, E. V., Rybak, L. A., Chichvarin, A. V. (2014). Determination of static error of the machine with parallel kinematics. Belgorod Shukhov State Technological University, 30 (9), 1193–1198.

2. Duyun, T. A., Grinek, A. V., Rybak, L. A. (2014). Methodology of manufacturing process design, providing quality parameters and minimal costs. World Applied Sciences Journal, 30 (8), 958–963.

3. Rybak, L. A., Gosselin, C., Adrien-Pouliot, P., Chichvarin, A. V., Vladimirovna, G. A. (2014). The method of structural synthesis of parallel mechanisms with the set of the trajectory of output link on the plane. Advances in Environmental Biology, 8 (4), 855–861.

4. Rybak, L. A., Gaponenko, E. V., Chichvarin, A. V., Strutinsky, V. B., Sidorenko, R. A. (2013). Computer-aided modeling of dynamics of manipulator-tripod with six degree of freedom. World Applied Sciences Journal, 25 (2), 341–346.

5. Pogonin, A. A., Rybak, L. A., Chichvarin, A. V., Shatokhin, Y. A. (2008). Mechatronic technological systems with superstability-based control. Journal of Computer and Systems Sciences International. Pleiades Publishing Ltd, 47 (4), 642–654. doi:10.1134/s1064230708040163

6. Rybak, L. A., Chichvarin, A. V., Shatokhin, Y. A. (2007). Active control for vibroprotection of operators of technological machines. 14th International Congress on Sound and Vibration, 1, 85–92.

7. Rybak, L., Chichvarin, A., Shatochin, Y. (2006). Synthesis of control algorithms for active vibration isolation system constructed on the basis of mechanism with parallel kinematics. 13th International Congress on Sound and Vibration, 4, 3431–3438.