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Juan J. Trujillo

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Universidad de la Laguna, Spain


Faculty of Mathematics

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Selected Publications:

1. Ortigueira, M. D., Torres, D. F. M., Trujillo, J. J. (2016). Exponentials and Laplace transforms on nonuniform time scales. Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation, 39, 252–270. doi: 

2. Aghajani, A., Pourhadi, E., Rivero, M., Trujillo, J. J. (2016). Application of Perov’s fixed point theorem to Fredholm type integro-differential equations in two variables. Mathematica Slovaca, 66 (5). doi: 

3. Reiter, D. A., Magin, R. L., Li, W., Trujillo, J. J., Pilar Velasco, M., Spencer, R. G. (2015). Anomalous T2relaxation in normal and degraded cartilage. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 76 (3), 953–962. doi: 

4. Ortigueira, M. D., Rivero, M., Trujillo, J. J. (2016). Steady-state response of constant coefficient discrete-time differential systems. Journal of King Saud University – Science, 28 (1), 29–32. doi: 

5. Balachandran, K., Divya, S., Rodríguez-Germá, L., Trujillo, J. J. (2015). Relative controllability of nonlinear neutral fractional integro-differential systems with distributed delays in control. Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences, 39 (2), 214–224. doi: 

6. Suganya, S., Mallika Arjunan, M., Trujillo, J. J. (2015). Existence results for an impulsive fractional integro-differential equation with state-dependent delay. Applied Mathematics and Computation, 266, 54–69. doi: 

7. Gu, H., Trujillo, J. J. (2015). Existence of mild solution for evolution equation with Hilfer fractional derivative. Applied Mathematics and Computation, 257, 344–354. doi: