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Gerhard Wilhelm Weber

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Middle East Technical University, Institute of Applied Mathematics, Turkey



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Selected Publications:

1. Ayyıldız, E., Purutçuoğlu, V., Weber, G. W. (2018). Loop-based conic multivariate adaptive regression splines is a novel method for advanced construction of complex biological networks. European Journal of Operational Research, 270 (3), 852–861. doi: 

2. Onak, O. N., Serinagaoglu Dogrusoz, Y., Weber, G. W. (2017). Effects of a priori parameter selection in minimum relative entropy method on inverse electrocardiography problem. Inverse Problems in Science and Engineering, 26 (6), 877–897. doi: 

3. Kropat, E., Wilhelm Weber, G. (2018). Fuzzy target-environment networks and fuzzy-regression approaches. Numerical Algebra, Control & Optimization, 8 (2), 135–155. doi: 

4. Pervin, M., Kumar Roy, S., Wilhelm Weber, G. (2018). An integrated inventory model with variable holding cost under two levels of trade-credit policy. Numerical Algebra, Control & Optimization, 8 (2), 169–191. doi: 

5. Akteke-Ozturk, B., Koksal, G., Weber, G. W. (2017). Nonconvex optimization of desirability functions. Quality Engineering, 30 (2), 293–310. doi: 

6. Bakan, H. Ö., Yılmaz, F., Weber, G.-W. (2018). Minimal truncation error constants for Runge–Kutta method for stochastic optimal control problems. Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, 331, 196–207. doi: 

7. Özmen, A., Yılmaz, Y., Weber, G.-W. (2018). Natural gas consumption forecast with MARS and CMARS models for residential users. Energy Economics, 70, 357–381. doi: