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Arvaidas Galdikas

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Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania


Department of Physics

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Selected Publications:

1. Moskalioviene, T., Galdikas, A. (2015). The Effect of Hydrogen on Plasma Nitriding of Austenitic Stainless Steel: Kinetic Modeling. Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A, 46 (12), 5588–5595. doi: 

2. Galdikas, A., Petraitienė, A., Moskalioviene, T. (2015). Internal stress assisted nitrogen diffusion in plasma nitrided medical CoCr alloys. Vacuum, 119, 233–238. doi: 

3. Petraitienė, A., Galdikas, A., Koskaliovienė, T. (2015). Stress induced nitrogen diffusion in nitrited CoCr alloy. Materials Science, 21 (1). doi: 

4. Kairaitis, G., Galdikas, A. (2014). Phase separation during thin film deposition. Computational Materials Science, 91, 68–74. doi: 

5. Galdikas, A., Petraitienė, A. (2014). Modeling of Nitrogen Penetration in Medical Grade CoCrMo Alloy during Plasma Nitriding. Materials Science, 20 (1). doi: 

6. Kairaitis, G., Galdikas, A. (2014). Kinetics of Ni:C thin film composition formation at different temperatures and contents of nickel. Vacuum, 99, 284–288. doi: 

7. Vaidelienė, A., Galdikas, A., Tervydis, P. (2014). Modeling of Kinetics of Air Entrainment in Water Produced by Vertically Falling Water Flow. Materials Science, 20 (3). doi: