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Tetyana Romanova

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A. N. Podgorny Institute problem in machinery of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Ukraine

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Senior researcher

Department of Mathematical Modeling and Optimal Design


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 Selected Publications:

1. Romanova, T., Bennell, J., Stoyan, Y., Pankratov, A. (2018). Packing of concave polyhedra with continuous rotations using nonlinear optimisation. European Journal of Operational Research, 268 (1), 37–53. doi: 

2. Stoyan, Y., Pankratov, A., Romanova, T. (2017). Placement Problems for Irregular Objects: Mathematical Modeling, Optimization and Applications. Springer Optimization and Its Applications. Cham: Springer, 521–559. doi: 

3. Stetsyuk, P. I., Romanova, T. E., Scheithauer, G. (2015). On the global minimum in a balanced circular packing problem. Optimization Letters, 10 (6), 1347–1360. doi: 

4. Stoyan, Y., Pankratov, A., Romanova, T. (2015). Quasi-phi-functions and optimal packing of ellipses. Journal of Global Optimization, 65 (2), 283–307. doi: 

5. Stoyan, Y., Pankratov, A., Romanova, T. (2016). Cutting and packing problems for irregular objects with continuous rotations: mathematical modelling and non-linear optimization. Journal of the Operational Research Society, 67 (5), 786–800. doi: 

6. Pankratov, A. V., Romanova, T. E., Chugaj, A. M., Stoyan, Yu. E. (2016). Optimization of packing polyhedra in spherical and cylindrical containers. Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies, 1 (4 (79)), 39–47. doi: 

7. Kovalenko, A. A., Romanova, T. E., Stetsyuk, P. I. (2015). Balance Layout Problem for 3D-Objects: Mathematical Model and Solution Methods. Cybernetics and Systems Analysis, 51 (4), 556–565. doi: