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Andriy Avramenko

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Institute of Engineering Thermophysics of NAS of Ukraine, Ukraine

Doctor of technical sciences, Professor

Department heat and mass transfer and hydrodynamics in heat power equipment


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Selected Publications:

Avramenko, A. A., Shevchuk, I. V., Kravchuk, A. V. (2018). Turbulent incompressible microflow between rotating parallel plates. European Journal of Mechanics – B/Fluids, 71, 35–46. doi: 

Avramenko, A. A., Shevchuk, I. V., Moskalenko, A. A., Lohvynenko, P. N., Kovetska, Y. Y. (2018). Instability of a vapor layer on a vertical surface at presence of nanoparticles. Applied Thermal Engineering, 139, 87–98.doi: 

Avramenko, A. A., Shevchuk, I. V. (2018). Lie group analysis and general forms of self-similar parabolic equations for fluid flow, heat and mass transfer of nanofluids. Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry. doi: 

Avramenko, A. A., Tyrinov, A. I., Shevchuk, I. V., Dmitrenko, N. P., Kravchuk, A. V., Shevchuk, V. I. (2017). Mixed convection in a vertical circular microchannel. International Journal of Thermal Sciences, 121, 1–12. doi: 

Kravchuk, A. V., Avramenko, A. A. (2017). Application of the Monte Carlo Method to the Solution of Heat Transfer Problem in Nanofluids. Journal of Engineering Physics and Thermophysics, 90 (5), 1107–1114.doi: 

Avramenko, A. A., Shevchuk, I. V., Abdallah, S., Blinov, D. G., Tyrinov, A. I. (2017). Self-similar analysis of fluid flow, heat, and mass transfer at orthogonal nanofluid impingement onto a flat surface. Physics of Fluids, 29 (5), 052005. doi: 

Avramenko, A. O., Kovetska, Y. Y. (2017). Heat transfer and hydrodynamics at mixed convection in a porous microchannel. Industrial Heat Engineering, 39 (4), 33–38. doi: