Nataliia Fialko

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Institute of Engineering Thermophysics of NAS of Ukraine, Ukraine

Doctor of technical sciences, Professor

Department of Energy Efficient of Heat Technologies


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Selected Publications:

Zvorykin, A., Fialko, N., Julii, S., Aleshko, S., Meranova, N., Hanzha, M. (2017). CFD Study on Specifics of Flow and Heat Transfer in Vertical Bare Tubes Cooled With Water at Supercritical Pressures. Volume 9: Student Paper Competition. doi: 

Zvorykin, A., Aleshko, S., Fialko, N., Maison, N., Meranova, N., Voitenko, A., Pioro, I. (2016). Computer Simulation of Flow and Heat Transfer in Bare Tubes at Supercritical Parameters. Volume 5: Student Paper Competition. doi: 

Dinzhos, R., Lysenkov, E., Fialko, N. (2015). Simulation of thermal conductivuty of polymer composites based on poly(methyl methacrylate) with different types of fillers. Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies, 6 (11 (78)), 21–24. doi: 

Lyubchik, G., Fialko, N., Regragui, A., Navrodskaya, R., Kutniak, O., Shvetsova, L. (2015). Thermodynamic analysis of power efficiency for dual-fuel monic combined-cycle plants. Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies, 3 (8 (75)), 21–25. doi: 

Zvorykina, A., Sharayevskiy, G., Fialko, N., Sharayevskaya, N. (2013). Methodology for Verification of the Heat Transfer Crisis in the Nuclear Fuel Assemblies. Volume 6: Beyond Design Basis Events; Student Paper Competition. doi: 

Zvorykina, A., Gupta, S., Peiman, W., Pioro, I., Fialko, N. (2012). Current Status and Future Applications of Supercritical Pressures in Power Engineering. Volume 5: Fusion Engineering; Student Paper Competition; Design Basis and Beyond Design Basis Events; Simple and Combined Cycles. doi: 

Maletskaya, O. E., Fialko, N. M., Shevchuk, E. N., Yurchuk, V. L. (2007). Computational Study of Nonstationary Modes of Operation of a Solar Sodium Evaporator with Supply of a Nonuniform Heat Flux. Heat Transfer Research, 38 (6), 495–505. doi: