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Pavlo Krivenko

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Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture, Ukraine

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Director

Scientific Research Institute for Binders and Materials


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Selected Publications:

1. Krivenko, P., Petropavlovskyi, O., Kovalchuk, O. (2018). A comparative study on the influence of metakaolin and kaolin additives on properties and structure of the alkali­activated slag cement and concrete. Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies, 1 (6 (91)), 33–39. doi: 

2. Krivenko, P., Kovalchuk, O., Pasko, A. (2018). Utilization of Industrial Waste Water Treatment Residues in Alkali Activated Cement and Concretes. Key Engineering Materials, 761, 35–38. doi: 

3. Krivenko, P., Petropavlovsky, О., Vozniuk, G. (2018). Alkaline Aluminosilicate Binder for Gluing Wood Board Materials. Key Engineering Materials, 761, 11–14. doi: 

4. Krivenko, P., Kovalchuk, O., Pasko, A., Croymans, T., Hult, M., Lutter, G. et. al. (2017). Development of alkali activated cements and concrete mixture design with high volumes of red mud. Construction and Building Materials, 151, 819–826. doi: 

5. Krivenko, P., Petropavlovsky, O., Vozniuk, H. (2017). Development of mixture design of heat resistant alkali-activated aluminosilicate binder-based adhesives. Construction and Building Materials, 149, 248–256. doi: 

6. Krivenko, P. V., Guzii, S., Hela, R. (2017). The Influence of Cavitation Treatment on Nano Structuring of Alkali Aluminosilicate Binder for Intumescent Coatings. Materials Science Forum, 908, 63–70. doi: 

7. Pavel, K., Oleg, P., Hryhorii, V., Serhii, L. (2017). The Development of Alkali-activated Cement Mixtures for Fast Rehabilitation and Strengthening of Concrete Structures. Procedia Engineering, 195, 142–146. doi: