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Viktoriia Plavan

Viktoriia Plavan Mail
Kiev National University of Technology and Design, Ukraine

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

Department of Applied Ecology, Technology of Polymers and Chemical Fiber

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Researcher ID: I-5852-2015

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Selected Publications:

1. Plavan, V. P., Rezanova, V. G., Budash, Y. O., Ishchenko, O. V., Rezanova, N. M. (2020). Influence of Aluminum Oxide Nanoparticles on Formation of the Structure and Mechanical Properties of Microfibrillar Composites. Mechanics of Composite Materials, 56(3), 319–328. doi: 

2. Kalafat, K. V., Taran, N. A., Plavan, V. P., Efimova, I. V., Vakhitova, L. M. (2020). The effect of ammonium polyphosphate:melamine:pentaerythritol ratio on the efficiency of fire protection of reactive coatings. Voprosy Khimii i Khimicheskoi Tekhnologii, 6, 59–68. doi: 

3. Kalafat, K., Taran, N., Plavan, V., Bessarabov, V., Zagoriy, G., Vakhitova, L. (2020). Comparison of fire resistance of polymers in intumescent coatings for steel structures. Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies, 4 (10 (106)), 45–54. doi: 

4. Rezanova, N., Budash, Y., Plavan, V., Ishchenko, O., Bulakh, V. (2017). Morphology and rheology of nanofilled PP / PVA blends. Materiale Plastice, 54 (4), 735–739.

5. Plavan, V., Koliada, M., Valeika, V. (2017). An eco-benign semi-metal tanning system for cleaner leather production. Journal of the Society of Leather Technologists and Chemists, 101 (5), 260–265.

6. Saitarly, S., Plavan, V., Pushkarev, Y., Manoilenko, O., Dmytrenko, I. (2017). Regulation of properties of ebonite compositions and vulcanized anticorrosive coatings using a ftorlon filler. Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies, 3 (6 (87)), 29–35. doi: 

7. Palyvoda, O., Plavan, V. (2016). Assessment of synergies in forming of cluster organizational structures. Economic Annals-ХХI, 158 (3-4 (2)), 48–51. doi: 

8. Senyk, I., Barsukov, V., Savchenko, B., Shevchenko, K., Plavan, V., Shpak, Y. V., Kruykova, O. (2016). Composite materials for protection against electromagnetic microwave radiation. IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering, 111, 012026. doi: 

9. Kuryptya, Y., Sova, N., Savchenko, B., Slieptsov, A., Plavan, V. (2016). Design of electrically conducting polymer hybrid composites based on polyvinyl chloride and polyethylene. Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies, 3 (6 (81)), 26–32. doi: 

10. Koliada, M., Plavan, V. (2015). Problems of efficient processing and use of collagen-containing materials. Pure and Applied Chemistry, 87 (1), 43–49. doi: