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Konstantin Avramov

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A. Podgorny Institute of Mechanical Engineering Problems of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Ukraine

Doctor of technical sciences, Professor

Department of reliability and dynamic strength


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Selected Publications:

1. Avramov, K. V., Malyshev, S. E. (2017). Periodic, quasi-periodic, and chaotic geometrically nonlinear forced vibrations of a shallow cantilever shell. Acta Mechanica, 229 (4), 1579–1595. doi: 

2. Uspensky, B., Avramov, K. (2017). Numerical analysis of nonlinear modes of piecewise linear systems torsional vibrations. Meccanica, 52 (15), 3743–3757. doi: 

3. Uspensky, B. V., Avramov, K. V. (2017). Nonlinear Normal Modes of Strongly Nonlinear Periodically Excited Piecewise Linear Systems. Journal of Mathematical Sciences, 226 (2), 104–113. doi: 

4. Avramov, K., Raimberdiyev, T. (2017). Bifurcations behavior of bending vibrations of beams with two breathing cracks. Engineering Fracture Mechanics, 178, 22–28. doi: 

5. Avramov, K. V., Papazov, S. V., Breslavsky, I. D. (2017). Dynamic instability of shallow shells in three-dimensional incompressible inviscid potential flow. Journal of Sound and Vibration, 394, 593–611. doi: 

6. Avramov, K., Raimberdiyev, T. (2017). Modal asymptotic analysis of sub-harmonic and quasi-periodic flexural vibrations of beams with cracks. Nonlinear Dynamics, 88 (2), 1213–1228. doi: 

7. Avramov, K. V., Chernobryvko, M. V., Kazachenko, O., Batutina, T. J. (2015). Dynamic instability of parabolic shells in supersonic gas stream. Meccanica, 51 (4), 939–950. doi: