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Vyacheslav Astanin

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National Aviation University, Ukraine

Doctor of technical sciences, Professor

Department of Mechanics


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Selected Publications:

1. Astanin, V. V., Shchegel’, A. A. (2017). Probability Approach to the Problem of Impact-Induced Damage Simulation of Composite Plates. Strength of Materials, 49 (2), 280–291. doi: 

2. Astanin, V. V., Borodachov, M. M., Bogdan, S. Y., Balalaev, A. V., Bernal, F. P. F. (2015). Limit State of a Composite Three-Layered Cylindrical Shell under Internal Pressure. Strength of Materials, 47 (4), 544–552. doi: 

3. Shchegel, G. O., Böhm, R., Hornig, A., Astanin, V. V., Hufenbach, W. A. (2014). Probabilistic damage modelling of textile-reinforced thermoplastic composites under high velocity impact based on combined acoustic emission and electromagnetic emission measurements. International Journal of Impact Engineering, 69, 1–10. doi: 

4. Rykunich, Y. M., Sytnikov, O. E., Astanin, V. V., Barylyuk, E. I., Zaionchkovs’kyi, G. I. (2014). Deformation and Fracture of the Bar System of a Pneumatic Electromagnetic Valve Under Cyclic Impact Loading. Strength of Materials, 46 (3), 350–359. doi: 

5. Astanin, V. V., Shchegel, G. O., Hufenbach, W., Hornig, A., Langkamp, A. (2012). Characterising failure in textile-reinforced thermoplastic composites by electromagnetic emission measurements under medium and high velocity impact loading. International Journal of Impact Engineering, 49, 22–30. doi: 

6. Astanin, V. V., Borodachov, M. M., Bogdan, S. Y. (2012). Limit state of cylindrical shell made of composite material in the presence of damages. Strength of Materials, 44 (2), 157–169. doi: 

7. Astanin, V. V., Shchegel’, A. A. (2011). Impact deformation and fracture of hybrid composite materials. Strength of Materials, 43 (6), 615–627. doi: