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Volodymyr Maslov

Volodymyr Maslov Mail
National Technical University of Ukraine "Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute", Ukraine

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

Department of scientific, analytic and ecological instruments and systems


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Selected Publications:

1. Dorozinska, H. V., Dorozinsky, G. V., Maslov, V. P. (2018). Promising method for determining the concentration of nano-sized diamond powders in water suspensions . Functional Materials, 25 (1), 158–164. doi: 

2. Dorozinsky, G. V., Lobanov, M. V., Maslov, V. P. (2015). Detection of methanol vapor by surface plasmon resonance method. Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies, 4 (5 (76)), 4–7. doi: 

3. Maslov, V. P. (2013). The influence of diamond powder as a filler on properties of a copper-sapphire glued joint. Journal of Superhard Materials, 35 (4), 256–258. doi: 

4. Nasieka, I., Rashkovetskyi, L., Strilchuk, O., Maslov, V., Venger, E. (2012). Investigation of the thermal annealing effect on the defects structure in γ-irradiated CdZnTe crystals by photoluminescence method. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms, 290, 26–29. doi: 

5. Maslov, V. P., Rodichev, Y. M., Tregubov, N. F. (2011). Thermoresistant Nano-filled Glass-ceramics. Procedia Engineering, 10, 1463–1466. doi: 

6. Maslov, V. (2008). Development of a technology for joining glass-ceramics parts with zero thermal expansion. Optical Engineering, 47 (2), 023401. doi: 

7. Strizhalo, V. A., Dobrovolskii, Y. V., Zemtsov, M. P., Maslov, V. P., Rodichev, Y. M., Bodunov, V. E. (2007). A study of the fracture of glasses, pyroceramics and their nanojoints using the method of acoustic emission. Strength of Materials, 39 (1), 64–67. doi: