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Vasily Efremenko

Vasily Efremenko
State Higher Educational Institution "Priazoivskyi State Technical University", Ukraine

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Head of Department

Department of Physics


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Selected Publications:

1. Efremenko, V. G., Wu, K. M., Chabak, Y. G., Shimizu, K., Isayev, O. B., Kudin, V. V. (2018). Alternative Heat Treatments for Complex-Alloyed High-Cr Cast Iron Before Machining. Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A, 49 (8), 3430–3440. doi: 

2. Efremenko, V., Shimizu, K., Pastukhova, T., Chabak, Y., Brykov, M., Kusumoto, K., Efremenko, A. (2018). Three-body abrasive wear behaviour of metastable spheroidal carbide cast irons with different chromium contents. International Journal of Materials Research, 109 (2), 147–156. doi: 

3. Chabak, Y. G., Efremenko, V. G., Shimizu, K., Lekatou, A., Pastukhova, T. V., Azarkhov, A. Y., Zurnadzhy, V. I. (2018). Comparative Analysis of the Microstructural Features of 28 wt.% Cr Cast Iron Fabricated by Pulsed Plasma Deposition and Conventional Casting. Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance, 27 (2), 379–388. doi: 

4. Efremenko, V. G., Chabak, Y. G., Shimizu, K., Lekatou, A. G., Zurnadzhy, V. I., Karantzalis, A. E. et. al. (2017). Structure refinement of high-Cr cast iron by plasma surface melting and post-heat treatment. Materials & Design, 126, 278–290. doi: 

5. Zhang, Y., Shimizu, K., Yaer, X., Kusumoto, K., Efremenko, V. G. (2017). Erosive wear performance of heat treated multi-component cast iron containing Cr, V, Mn and Ni eroded by alumina spheres at elevated temperatures. Wear, 390-391, 135–145. doi:  

6. Efremenko, V. G., Chabak, Y. G., Karantzalis, A. E., Lekatou, A., Vakulenko, I. A., Mazur, V. A., Fedun, V. I. (2017). Plasma Case Hardening of Wear-Resistant High-Chromium Cast Iron. Strength of Materials, 49 (3), 446–452. doi: 

7. Efremenko, V. G., Shimizu, K., Pastukhova, T. V., Chabak, Y. G., Kusumoto, K., Efremenko, A. V. (2017). Wear mechanism and chemical composition optimization of complex-alloyed cast iron with spheroidal vanadium carbide under conditions of abrasive erosion. Journal of Friction and Wear, 38 (2), 92–97. doi: