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Ivan Yaremiy

Ivan Yaremiy
Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University, Ukraine

Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor

Department of Material Science and New Technology


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Selected Publications:

1. Tatarchuk, T. R., Bououdina, M., Paliychuk, N. D., Yaremiy, I. P., Moklyak, V. V. (2017). Structural characterization and antistructure modeling of cobalt-substituted zinc ferrites. Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 694, 777–791. doi: 

2. Luсas, A., Moklyak, V., Yaremiy, I., Yaremiy, S., Gasyuk, I., Matkivskyi, M. (2017). Mössbauer studies of spinellides of Mg(FeXCr2-X)O4 system obtained by the hydroxide co-precipitation method. Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies, 5 (6 (89)), 56–63. doi: 

3. Bushkova, V. S., Ostafiychuk, B. K., Yaremij, I. P., Mokhnatskyi, M. L. (2016). Effect of Nickel-Ions’ Substitution with Nonmagnetic Cadmium Ions on the Structural and Optical Properties of Nickel Ferrite. Metallofizika i Noveishie Tekhnologii, 38 (5), 601–616. doi: 

4. Moklyak, V. V., Kotsyubynsky, V. O., Yaremiy, I. P., Kolkovskyy, P. I. et. al. (2016). Morphological Characteristics of Hydrothermally Synthesized Iron Trifluorides with Various Hydration Degrees. Ukrainian Journal of Physics, 61 (11), 1017–1025. doi: 

5. Lutsas', A. V., Yaremiy, І. P., Matkіvs'kiy, M. P. (2015). Peculiar properties of crystal-chemical stucture of spinels of the system Mg(FexCr2-x)O4 obtained through the hydroxide coprecipitation method and solid state technology. Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies, 5 (6 (77)), 57–63. doi: 

6. Ostafiychuk, B. K., Yaremiy, I. P., Yaremiy, S. I., Fedoriv, V. D., Tomyn, U. O., Umantsiv, M. M. et. al. (2013). Modification of the crystal structure of gadolinium gallium garnet by helium ion irradiation. Crystallography Reports, 58 (7), 1017–1022. doi: 

7. Bushkova, V. S., Yaremiy, I. P. (2018). Magnetic, electric, mechanical, and optical properties of NiCr x Fe 2−x O 4  ferrites. Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 461, 37–47. doi: