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Edvin Gevorkyan

Edvin Gevorkyan
Ukrainian State University of Railway Transport, Ukraine

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Rector

Department "Quality, standartization, sertification and materials making technology"

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Selected Publications:

1. Khadzhai, G. Y., Vovk, R. V., Prichna, T. A., Gevorkyan, E. S., Kislitsa, M. V., Solovjov, A. L. (2018). Electrical and thermal conductivity of the Ti3AlC2 MAX phase at low temperatures. Low Temperature Physics, 44 (5), 451–452. doi: 

2. Lavrynenko, S., Mamalis, A. G., Gevorkyan, E. (2018). Features of Consolidation of Nanoceramics for Aerospace Industry. Materials Science Forum, 915, 179–184. doi: 

3. Prokopiv, N. M., Gevorkyan, E. S., Vovk, R. V., Harchenko, O. V., Chishkala, V. A. (2018). Structure and properties of solid BK6 -OM alloy after electrosintering. Functional Materials, 25 (2), 267–273. doi: 

4. Gevorkyan, E., Lavrynenko, S., Rucki, M., Siemiatkowski, Z., Kislitsa, M. (2017). Ceramic cutting tools out of nanostructured refractory compounds. International Journal of Refractory Metals and Hard Materials, 68, 142–144. doi: 

5. Gevorkyan, E., Mechnik, V., Bondarenko, N., Vovk, R., Lytovchenko, S., Chishkala, V., Melnik, O. (2017). Peculiarities of obtaining diamond-(Fe-Cu-Ni-Sn) composite materials by hot pressing. Functional Materials, 23 (4), 31–45. doi: 

6. Mamalis, A. G., Gevorkyan, E., Lavrynenko, S. N. (2016). Features of Sintering of ZrO2 Nanopowders and Composition with Different Content of Al2O3. Materials Science Forum, 856, 92–96. doi: 

7. Gevorkyan, E., Melnik, O., Chishkala, V. (2014). The obtaining of high-density specimens and analysis of mechanical strength characteristics of a composite based on ZrO2-WC nanopowders. Nanoscale Research Letters, 9 (1), 355. doi: