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Giorgio Besagni

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Ricerca sul Sistema Energetico, Italy

Energy Systems Development Department


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Selected Publications:

1. Besagni, G., Guédon, G. R., Inzoli, F. (2018). Computational fluid-dynamic modeling of the mono-dispersed homogeneous flow regime in bubble columns. Nuclear Engineering and Design, 331, 222–237. doi: 

2. Besagni, G., Gallazzini, L., Inzoli, F. (2018). Effect of gas sparger design on bubble column hydrodynamics using pure and binary liquid phases. Chemical Engineering Science, 176, 116–126. doi: 

3. Besagni, G., Inzoli, F. (2017). Novel gas holdup and regime transition correlation for two-phase bubble columns. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 923, 012011. doi: 

4. Besagni, G., Inzoli, F., Ziegenhein, T., Hessenkemper, H., Lucas, D. (2017). Bubble aspect ratio in dense bubbly flows: experimental studies in low Morton-number systems. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 923, 012014. doi: 

5. Besagni, G., Inzoli, F. (2017). The effect of liquid phase properties on bubble column fluid dynamics: Gas holdup, flow regime transition, bubble size distributions and shapes, interfacial areas and foaming phenomena. Chemical Engineering Science, 170, 270–296. doi: 

6. Besagni, G., Inzoli, F., Ziegenhein, T., Lucas, D. (2017). Computational Fluid-Dynamic modeling of the pseudo-homogeneous flow regime in large-scale bubble columns. Chemical Engineering Science, 160, 144–160. doi: 

7. Besagni, G., Inzoli, F., De Guido, G., Pellegrini, L. A. (2017). Gas holdup and flow regime transition in spider-sparger bubble column: effect of liquid phase properties. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 796, 012041. doi: