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Davide Barreca

Davide Barreca
University of Messina, Italy

Department of of Chemical Biological Pharmaceutical and Environmental Sciences

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Selected Publications:

1. Nabavi, S. F., Atanasov, A. G., Khan, H., Barreca, D., Trombetta, D., Testai, L. et. al. (2018). Targeting ubiquitin-proteasome pathway by natural, in particular polyphenols, anticancer agents: Lessons learned from clinical trials. Cancer Letters, 434, 101–113. doi: 

2. Lombardo, D., Calandra, P., Magazù, S., Wanderlingh, U., Barreca, D., Pasqua, L., Kiselev, M. A. (2018). Soft nanoparticles charge expression within lipid membranes: The case of amino terminated dendrimers in bilayers vesicles. Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces, 170, 609–616. doi: 

3. Di Mauro, D., Currò, M., Trimarchi, F., Vecchio, M., Rizzo, G., Barreca, D. et. al. (2018). Role of Genetic Background in Cardiovascular Risk Markers Changes in Water Polo Players. International Journal of Sports Medicine, 39 (5), 390–396. doi: 

4. Süntar, I., Nabavi, S. M., Barreca, D., Fischer, N., Efferth, T. (2017). Pharmacological and chemical features of Nepeta L. genus: Its importance as a therapeutic agent. Phytotherapy Research, 32 (2), 185–198. doi: 

5. Mandalari, G., Merali, Z., Ryden, P., Chessa, S., Bisignano, C., Barreca, D. et. al. (2016). Durum wheat particle size affects starch and protein digestion in vitro. European Journal of Nutrition, 57 (1), 319–325. doi: 

6. Smeriglio, A., Denaro, M., Barreca, D., D’Angelo, V., Germanò, M. P., Trombetta, D. (2018). Polyphenolic profile and biological activities of black carrot crude extract ( Daucus carota  L. ssp.  sativus  var.  atrorubens  Alef.). Fitoterapia, 124, 49–57. doi: 

7. Manayi, A., Omidpanah, S., Barreca, D., Ficarra, S., Daglia, M., Nabavi, S. F., Nabavi, S. M. (2017). Neuroprotective effects of paeoniflorin in neurodegenerative diseases of the central nervous system. Phytochemistry Reviews, 16 (6), 1173–1181. doi: