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Dimitris Kanellopoulos

Dimitris Kanellopoulos Mail
University of Patras, Greece

Department of Mathematics


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Selected Publications:

1. Choukse, D., Gite, P., Kanellopoulos, D. N. (2017). An extended AODV routing protocol for secure MANETs based on node trust values. International Journal of Internet Technology and Secured Transactions, 7 (3), 270. doi: 

2. Grecos, C., Dagiuklas, T., Fleury, M., Kanellopoulos, D. (2015). Special issue on multimedia networking for electronic commerce systems. Electronic Commerce Research, 15 (1), 1–4. doi: 

3. Sakkopoulos, E., Paschou, M., Panagis, Y., Kanellopoulos, D., Eftaxias, G., Tsakalidis, A. (2015). E-souvenir appification: QoS web based media delivery for museum apps. Electronic Commerce Research, 15 (1), 5–24. doi: 

4. Kanellopoulos, D. N. (2014). Multimedia networking issues for digital video libraries. The Electronic Library, 32 (6), 898–922. doi: 

5. Kanellopoulos, D. (2012). Semantic annotation and retrieval of documentary media objects. The Electronic Library, 30 (5), 721–747. doi: 

6. Sanandaji, A., Jabbehdari, S., Balador, A., Kanellopoulos, D. (2013). MAC layer misbehavior in MANETs. IETE Technical Review, 30 (4), 324. doi: 

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