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Dmitry Nerukh

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Aston University, United Kingdom

Department of Mathematics


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Selected Publications:

1. Tarasova, E., Farafonov, V., Taiji, M., Nerukh, D. (2018). Details of charge distribution in stable viral capsid. Journal of Molecular Liquids, 265, 585–591. doi: 

2. Tarasova, E., Korotkin, I., Farafonov, V., Karabasov, S., Nerukh, D. (2017). Complete virus capsid at all-atom resolution: Simulations using molecular dynamics and hybrid molecular dynamics/hydrodynamics methods reveal semipermeable membrane function. Journal of Molecular Liquids, 245, 109–114. doi: 

3. Atamas, N., Bardik, V., Bannikova, A., Grishina, O., Lugovskoi, E., Lavoryk, S. et. al. (2017). The effect of water dynamics on conformation changes of albumin in pre-denaturation state: photon correlation spectroscopy and simulation. Journal of Molecular Liquids, 235, 17–23. doi: 

4. Tarasova, E., Farafonov, V., Khayat, R., Okimoto, N., Komatsu, T. S., Taiji, M., Nerukh, D. (2017). All-Atom Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Entire Virus Capsid Reveal the Role of Ion Distribution in Capsid’s Stability. The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 8 (4), 779–784. doi: 

5. Korotkin, I., Nerukh, D., Tarasova, E., Farafonov, V., Karabasov, S. (2016). Two-phase flow analogy as an effective boundary condition for modelling liquids at atomistic resolution. Journal of Computational Science, 17, 446–456. doi: 

6. Scukins, A., Nerukh, D., Pavlov, E., Karabasov, S., Markesteijn, A. (2015). Multiscale molecular dynamics/hydrodynamics implementation of two dimensional “Mercedes Benz” water model. The European Physical Journal Special Topics, 224 (12), 2217–2238. doi: 

7. Korotkin, I., Karabasov, S., Nerukh, D., Markesteijn, A., Scukins, A., Farafonov, V., Pavlov, E. (2015). A hybrid molecular dynamics/fluctuating hydrodynamics method for modelling liquids at multiple scales in space and time. The Journal of Chemical Physics, 143 (1), 014110. doi: