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Zhenjun Ma

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University of Wollongong, Australia

Sustainable Buildings Research Centre


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Selected Publications:

1. Cascio, E. L., Ma, Z., Schenone, C. (2018). Performance assessment of a novel natural gas pressure reduction station equipped with parabolic trough solar collectors. Renewable Energy, 128, 177–187. doi: 

2. Lin, Q., Wang, S., Ma, Z., Wang, J., Zhang, T. (2018). Lattice Boltzmann simulation of flow and heat transfer evolution inside encapsulated phase change materials due to natural convection melting. Chemical Engineering Science, 189, 154–164. doi: 

3. Xia, L., Ma, Z., Kokogiannakis, G., Wang, S., Gong, X. (2018). A model-based optimal control strategy for ground source heat pump systems with integrated solar photovoltaic thermal collectors. Applied Energy, 228, 1399–1412. doi: 

4. Wang, Z., Wang, F., Ma, Z., Song, M., Fan, W. (2018). Experimental performance analysis and evaluation of a novel frost-free air source heat pump system. Energy and Buildings, 175, 69–77. doi: 

5. Gong, X., Xia, L., Ma, Z., Chen, G., Wei, L. (2018). Investigation on the optimal cooling tower input capacity of a cooling tower assisted ground source heat pump system. Energy and Buildings, 174, 239–253. doi: 

6. Ma, Z., Yan, R., Li, K., Nord, N. (2018). Building energy performance assessment using volatility change based symbolic transformation and hierarchical clustering. Energy and Buildings, 166, 284–295. doi: 

7. Fan, W., Kokogiannakis, G., Ma, Z. (2018). A multi-objective design optimisation strategy for hybrid photovoltaic thermal collector (PVT)-solar air heater (SAH) systems with fins. Solar Energy, 163, 315–328. doi: