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Uğur Ulusoy

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Cumhuriyet University, Turkey

Department of Mining Engineering


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Selected Publications:

1. Ulusoy, U. (2016). Dynamic image analysis of differently milled talc particles and comparison by various methods. Particulate Science and Technology, 36 (3), 332–339. doi: 

2. Igathinathane, C., Ulusoy, U. (2016). Machine vision methods based particle size distribution of ball- and gyro-milled lignite and hard coal. Powder Technology, 297, 71–80. doi: 

3. Ulusoy, U., Igathinathane, C. (2016). Particle size distribution modeling of milled coals by dynamic image analysis and mechanical sieving. Fuel Processing Technology, 143, 100–109. doi: 

4. Kursun, H., Ulusoy, U. (2014). Zinc Recovery from a Lead–Zinc–Copper Ore by Ultrasonically Assisted Column Flotation. Particulate Science and Technology, 33 (4), 349–356. doi: 

5. Ulusoy, U., Yekeler, M. (2014). Dynamic image analysis of calcite particles created by different mills. International Journal of Mineral Processing, 133, 83–90. doi: 

6. Cebeci, Y., Ulusoy, U., Sönmez, İ. (2014). Determination of optimum washing conditions for a lignite coal based on ash and sulfur content. Fuel, 123, 52–58. doi: 

7. Yekeler, M., Çiftçi, M., Ulusoy, U., Özkan, A. (2014). Correlation of the Particle Size Distribution Parameters with Sieving Rate Constant. Particulate Science and Technology, 32 (2), 118–122. doi: