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Tatiana Morosuk

Tatiana Morosuk Mail
Technical University Berlin, Germany

Institute for Energy Engineering


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Selected Publications:

1. Wellmann J., Meyer-Kahlen B., Morosuk T. Exergoeconomic evaluation of a CSP plant in combination with a desalination unit // Renewable Energy. 2018. Vol. 128. P. 586–602. doi: 

2. Exergoeconomic analysis of natural gas fired and biomass post-fired combined cycle with hydrogen injection into the combustion chamber / Moharamian A., Soltani S., Rosen M. A., Mahmoudi S. M. S., Morosuk T. // Journal of Cleaner Production. 2018. Vol. 180. P. 450–465. doi: 

3. Exergetic and exergoeconomic evaluation of an SOFC-Engine hybrid power generation system / Lee Y. D., Ahn K. Y., Morosuk T., Tsatsaronis G. // Energy. 2018. Vol. 145. P. 810–822. doi: 

4. Configuration optimization of series flow double-effect water-lithium bromide absorption refrigeration systems by cost minimization / Mussati S. F., Cignitti S., Mansouri S. S., Gernaey K. V., Morosuk T., Mussati M. C. // Energy Conversion and Management. 2018. Vol. 158. P. 359–372. doi: 

5. Blumberg T., Morosuk T., Tsatsaronis G. Exergy-based evaluation of methanol production from natural gas with CO 2 utilization // Energy. 2017. Vol. 141. P. 2528–2539. doi: 

6. Virtual special issue on ECOS 2016 / Stevanovic V., Poredoš A., Morosuk T., Kitanovski A. // Energy. 2017. Vol. 141. P. 11. doi: 

7. Tesch S., Morosuk T., Tsatsaronis G. Exergetic and economic evaluation of safety-related concepts for the regasification of LNG integrated into air separation processes // Energy. 2017. Vol. 141. P. 2458–2469. doi: