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Houfa Shen

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Tsinghua University, China

School of Materials Science and Engineering

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Selected Publications:

1. Chen, Q., Shen, H. (2018). Numerical study on solidification characteristics under pulsed magnetic field. International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 120, 997–1008. doi: 

2. Yang, J., Liu, B., Shen, H. (2018). Study of hot cracking potential in a 6-ton steel ingot casting. Metallurgical Research & Technology, 115 (3), 308. doi: 

3. Cheng, J., Qing, J., Shen, H. F. (2018). Strain-Induced Precipitation Kinetics of Vanadium Carbonitride Precipitates with the Cubic Structure in High-Strength Weathering Steels. Strength of Materials, 50 (1), 218–228. doi: 

4. Qing, J. S., Duan, X. D., Xiao, M. F., Li, J. Q., Liu, M., Liu, Q., Shen, H. F. (2018). Study on the Cracking Mechanism of YQ450NQR1 High-Strength Weathering Steel. Strength of Materials, 50 (1), 176–183. doi: 

5. Yang, J., Wang, Y., Shen, H., Liu, B. (2017). Numerical simulation of central shrinkage crack formation in a 234-t steel ingot. China Foundry, 14 (5), 365–372. doi: 

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7. Jin, L., Cheng, J., Shen, H. (2016). Experimental research on the flow instability and level fluctuation in continuous thin slab casting mould. Metallurgical Research & Technology, 114 (1), 103. doi: