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Ozgur Kisi

Ozgur Kisi Mail
Ilia State University, Georgia

Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering


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Selected Publications:

1. Keshtegar, B., Kisi, O. (2018). RM5Tree: Radial basis M5 model tree for accurate structural reliability analysis. Reliability Engineering & System Safety, 180, 49–61. doi: 

2. Sanikhani, H., Deo, R. C., Yaseen, Z. M., Eray, O., Kisi, O. (2018). Non-tuned data intelligent model for soil temperature estimation: A new approach. Geoderma, 330, 52–64. doi: 

3. Malik, A., Kumar, A., Kisi, O. (2018). Daily Pan Evaporation Estimation Using Heuristic Methods with Gamma Test. Journal of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering, 144 (9), 04018023. doi: 

4. Sanikhani, H., Deo, R. C., Samui, P., Kisi, O., Mert, C., Mirabbasi, R. et. al. (2018). Survey of different data-intelligent modeling strategies for forecasting air temperature using geographic information as model predictors. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, 152, 242–260. doi: 

5. Karami, H., Mousavi, S. F., Farzin, S., Ehteram, M., Singh, V. P., Kisi, O. (2018). Improved Krill Algorithm for Reservoir Operation. Water Resources Management, 32 (10), 3353–3372. doi: 

6. Yaseen, Z. M., Karami, H., Ehteram, M., Mohd, N. S., Mousavi, S. F., Hin, L. S. et. al. (2018). Optimization of Reservoir Operation Using New Hybrid Algorithm. KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering. doi: 

7. Zounemat-Kermani, M., Ramezani-Charmahineh, A., Adamowski, J., Kisi, O. (2018). Investigating the management performance of disinfection analysis of water distribution networks using data mining approaches. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 190 (7). doi: