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Matheos Santamouris

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University of New South Wales, Australia

Department of Built Environment


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Selected Publications:

1. Pyrgou, A., Hadjinicolaou, P., Santamouris, M. (2018). Enhanced near-surface ozone under heatwave conditions in a Mediterranean island. Scientific Reports, 8 (1). doi: 

2. Castaldo, V. L., Pisello, A. L., Piselli, C., Fabiani, C., Cotana, F., Santamouris, M. (2018). How outdoor microclimate mitigation affects building thermal-energy performance: A new design-stage method for energy saving in residential near-zero energy settlements in Italy. Renewable Energy, 127, 920–935. doi: 

3. Pyrgou, A., Santamouris, M. (2018). Increasing Probability of Heat-Related Mortality in a Mediterranean City Due to Urban Warming. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 15 (8), 1571. doi: 

4. Yang, J., Pantazaras, A., Chaturvedi, K. A., Chandran, A. K., Santamouris, M., Lee, S. E., Tham, K. W. (2018). Comparison of different occupancy counting methods for single system-single zone applications. Energy and Buildings, 172, 221–234. doi: 

5. Karatasou, S., Laskari, M., Santamouris, M. (2018). Determinants of high electricity use and high energy consumption for space and water heating in European social housing: Socio-demographic and building characteristics. Energy and Buildings, 170, 107–114. doi: 

6. Pisello, A. L., Saliari, M., Vasilakopoulou, K., Hadad, S., Santamouris, M. (2018). Facing the urban overheating: Recent developments. Mitigation potential and sensitivity of the main technologies. Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Energy and Environment, 7 (4), 294. doi: 

7. Karatasou, S., Santamouris, M. (2018). Multifractal Analysis of High-Frequency Temperature Time Series in the Urban Environment. Climate, 6 (2), 50. doi: