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Evangelos Giakoumis

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National Technical University of Athens, Greece

Department of Mechanical Engineering


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Selected Publications:

1. Giakoumis, E. G. (2018). Analysis of 22 vegetable oils’ physico-chemical properties and fatty acid composition on a statistical basis, and correlation with the degree of unsaturation. Renewable Energy, 126, 403–419. doi: 

2. Rakopoulos, D. C., Rakopoulos, C. D., Giakoumis, E. G., Papagiannakis, R. G. (2018). Evaluating Oxygenated Fuel’s Influence on Combustion and Emissions in Diesel Engines Using a Two-Zone Combustion Model. Journal of Energy Engineering, 144 (4), 04018046. doi: 

3. Giakoumis, E. G., Sarakatsanis, C. K. (2018). Estimation of biodiesel cetane number, density, kinematic viscosity and heating values from its fatty acid weight composition. Fuel, 222, 574–585. doi: 

4. Giakoumis, E. G., Tziolas, V. (2018). Modeling a Variable-Geometry Turbocharged Diesel Engine under Steady-State and Transient Conditions. Journal of Energy Engineering, 144 (3), 04018017. doi: 

5. Giakoumis, E., Triantafillou, G. (2018). Analysis of the Effect of Vehicle, Driving and Road Parameters on the Transient Performance and Emissions of a Turbocharged Truck. Energies, 11 (2), 295. doi: 

6. Giakoumis, E. G., Zachiotis, A. T. (2018). Comparative evaluation of eight legislated driving schedules in terms of cycle metrics and emissions from a diesel-powered turbocharged van. Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment, 58, 139–154. doi: 

7. Giakoumis, E. G. (2017). Diesel and Spark Ignition Engines Emissions and After-Treatment Control: Research and Advancements. Energies, 10 (11), 1882. doi: