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Volodymyr Loboda

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Oles Honchar Dnipro National University, Ukraine

Doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, Professor

Department of theoretical and computational mechanics

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Selected Publications:

1. Loboda, V. V., Kryvoruchko, A. G., Sheveleva, A. Y. (2018). Electrically Plane and Mechanically Antiplane Problem for an Inclusion with Stepwise Rigidity Between Piezoelectric Materials. Problems of Nonlinear Mechanics and Physics of Materials, 463–481. doi: 

2. Onopriienko, O., Loboda, V., Sheveleva, A., Lapusta, Y. (2018). Interaction of a conductive crack and of an electrode at a piezoelectric bimaterial interface. Comptes Rendus Mécanique, 346 (6), 449–459. doi: 

3. Viun, O., Komarov, A., Lapusta, Y., Loboda, V. (2018). A polling direction influence on fracture parameters of a limited permeable interface crack in a piezoelectric bi-material. Engineering Fracture Mechanics, 191, 143–152. doi: 

4. Sheveleva, A., Loboda, V., Kryvoruchko, A. (2018). Mixed Electrical Conditions on Interface Inclusion in a Piezoelectric Bimaterial under Antiplane Mechanical and Inplane Electric Loadings. Mathematical Problems in Engineering, 2018, 1–8. doi: 

5. Hodes, A. Y., Loboda, V. V. (2017). A contact zone approach for an arc crack at the interface between two electrostrictive materials. International Journal of Solids and Structures, 128, 262–271. doi: 

6. Hodes, A. J., Loboda, V. V. (2017). Arc Crack in a Homogeneous Electrostrictive Material. Journal of Mathematical Sciences, 222 (2), 114–130. doi: 

7. Lapusta, Y., Onopriienko, O., Loboda, V. (2017). An interface crack with partially electrically conductive crack faces under antiplane mechanical and in-plane electric loadings. Mechanics Research Communications, 81, 38–43. doi: