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Mohammad Mehdi Rashidi

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Tongji University, China


ENN-Tongji Clean Energy Institute of Advanced Studies

Shanghai Automotive Wind Tunnel Center


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Selected Publications:

1. Astanina, M. S., Rashidi, M. M., Sheremet, M. A., Lorenzini, G. (2019). Effect of porous insertion on convective energy transport in a chamber filled with a temperature-dependent viscosity liquid in the presence of a heat source term. International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 144, 118530. doi: 

2. Usman, M., Hamid, M., Rashidi, M. M. (2018). Gegenbauer wavelets collocation-based scheme to explore the solution of free bio-convection of nanofluid in 3D nearby stagnation point. Neural Computing and Applications, 31(11), 8003–8019. doi:10.1007/s00521-018-3625-8. doi: 

3. Ma, Y., Rashidi, M. M., Yang, Z. (2018). Numerical simulation of flow past a square cylinder with a circular bar upstream and a splitter plate downstream. Journal of Hydrodynamics, 31 (5), 949–964. doi: 

4. Khalil, H., Khan, R. A., Baleanu, D., Rashidi, M. M. (2019). Some new operational matrices and its application to fractional order Poisson equations with integral type boundary constrains. Computers & Mathematics with Applications, 78 (6), 1826–1837. doi: 

5. Ma, Y., Mohebbi, R., Rashidi, M. M., Yang, Z. (2019). Koo–Kleinstreuer–Li correlation for simulation of nanofluid natural convection in hollow cavity in existence of magnetic field. Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, 137 (4), 1413–1429. doi: 

6. Ma, Y., Mohebbi, R., Rashidi, M. M., Yang, Z. (2019). MHD convective heat transfer of Ag-MgO/water hybrid nanofluid in a channel with active heaters and coolers. International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 137, 714–726. doi: 

7. Singh, J., Rashidi, M. M., Sushila, Kumar, D. (2017). A hybrid computational approach for Jeffery–Hamel flow in non-parallel walls. Neural Computing and Applications, 31 (7), 2407–2413. doi: