Андрей Юрьевич Москалюк, Павел Александрович Тесленко, Валентина Николаевна Пурич


The method of estimation of the state of machine-building enterprise is offered on questions of labour protection with the use of theory of fuzzy sets. Selected and analysed basic groups of parameters determining a level labour protections.

A linguistic variable is certain «the beginning of initiation of project». The approach as been developed for forming of data base of machine-building enterprise for the system of support of making decision on initiation of projects of a labour protection.

It is suggested to use the method of Mamdani for forming of unclear conclusion about the necessity of initiation of projects on a labour protection. There  has been given an example illustrating the method of receipt of quantitative estimation of the state of labour protection. The offered method is basis of the decision-making systems in control system by a labour for determination of beginning of initiation of project on a labour protection.


a labour safety; project initialization; algorithm of Mamdani


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