Vol 2, No 10(80) (2016)


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Analysis of the efficiency of purification of gas flows in a centrifugal filter PDF PDF (Українська)
Tatyana Boyko, Denys Skladannyy, Alla Abramova, Sergiy Plashykhin, Nikolai Semeniuk 4-9
Justification and formalization of approach to regional environmental safety evaluation PDF (Українська)
Yevhen Bezsonov, Viacheslav Andreev 9-18
Development of universal model of kinetics of bioremediation stationary process with substrate inhibition PDF (Русский)
Anna Bakharevа, Oleksіi Shestopalov, Olesya Filenko, Boris Kobilyansky 19-26
Impact of sound irradiation on chlorella vulgaris cell metabolism PDF PDF (Українська)
Natalia Golub, Igor Levtun 27-31
An energy-efficient and environment-friendly method for normalizing the microclimate in heated mineshaft compartments PDF (Українська)
Daria Lapshina 32-39
Comparative analysis of methods to minimize dust from granite mine dumps PDF (Українська)
Oksana Tverda, Kostyantyn Tkachuk, Yuliia Davydenko 40-46
Research of efficiency of water purification-exchange resin from iron compounds using modified filter media PDF (Українська)
Nikolai Gomel, Mariia Tverdokhlib 47-52