Vol 4, No 5(82) (2016)

Applied physics. Materials Science

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Applied physics

Research into rheological transformations in a piezoceramic ultrasonic sensor of fluid level control PDF PDF (Українська)
Iosiph Stencel, Konstantin Litvinov 4-11
Research of thermal conductivity of the condensed mass of the whole waste tires and determination of their optimum arrangement in the pyrolysis reactor PDF PDF (Українська)
Serhiy Ryzhkov, Nikolay Rudyuk, Liudmyla Markina 12-19
Increasing accuracy of measuring thermal conductivity of liquids by using the direct heating thermistor method PDF PDF (Українська)
Sergey Matvienko, Sergey Vysloukh, Oleksandr Martynchyk 20-30
Technology of recycling radioactively contaminated metal by the method of melting PDF PDF (Русский)
Valeriy Balakin, Viktor Mashinistov, Oleg Galkin, Kostiantyn Bilan 31-37
Increase of accuracy of definition of temperature by sensors of fire alarms in real conditions of fire on objects PDF PDF (Русский)
Vladimir Andronov, Boris Pospelov, Evgenіy Rybka 38-44

Materials Science

Obtaining dyed decorative enamels for products made of gold, silver and copper PDF PDF (Русский)
Olga Ryzhova, Olga Gurzhyi 45-51
Definition of hue of different types of pokostivskiy granodiorite using digital image processing PDF PDF (Українська)
Valentyn Korobiichuk, Volodymyr Shamrai, Oksana Iziumova, Oleksandr Tolkach, Ruslan Sobolevskyi 52-57
Study of the formation of gas-vapor in the liquid mixture PDF PDF (Русский)
Anatoliy Pavlenko, Hanna Koshlak, Andrii Cheilytko, Maksym Nosov 58-65