Vol 1, No 9 (85) (2017)

Information and controlling system

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Information and controlling system

Devising a method for maintaining manageability at multidimensional automated control of tethered underwater vehicle PDF
Oleksandr Blintsov 4-16
Devising a method for the active coordination of video cameras in optical navigation based on the multi-agent approach PDF
Ivan Burlachenko, Iryna Zhuravska, Maksym Musiyenko 17-25
Development of specialized modeling complex to study control systems of movable maritime objects PDF
Yana Volyanskaya, Sergey Volyanskіy 26-33
Structural-parametrical synthesis of electronic control unit of fuel feeding system of vehicle diesel engine PDF
Tatyana Aleksandrova, Artyom Lazarenko 34-44
Estimation of heat field and temperature models of errors in fiber-optic gyroscopes used in aerospace systems PDF
Dmytro Breslavsky, Valerii Uspensky, Alyona Kozlyuk, Serhii Paschenko, Oksana Tatarinova, Yuriy Kuznyetsov 44-53
Selecting a model of unmanned aerial vehicle to accept it for military purposes with regard to expert data PDF
Andrey Alimpiev, Polina Berdnik, Natalia Korolyuk, Elena Korshets, Maxim Pavlenko 53-60