Vol 3, No 12 (87) (2017)

Materials Science

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Materials Science

Investigation of physical and chemical properties and structure of tripolyphosphate coatings on zinc plated steel PDF
Olena Vlasova, Vadym Kovalenko, Valerii Kotok, Sergey Vlasov, Anna Cheremysinova 4-8
Research into influence of the electrolysis modes on the composition of galvanic Fe-Co-Mo coatings PDF
Iryna Yermolenko, Maryna Ved`, Ann Karakurkchi, Valeriya Proskurina, Irina Sknar, Yaroslav Kozlov, Olga Sverdlikovska, Oleksii Sigunov 9-15
Examining the effect of physical fields on the adhesive strength of protective epoxy composite coatings PDF
Vitalii Kashytskyi, Petro Savchuk, Viktoria Malets, Yuliia Herasymiuk, Serhii Shchehlov 16-22
Investigation of charge and discharge regimes of nanomodified heat-accumulating materials PDF
Alexander Shchegolkov, Alexey Schegolkov, Nikolay Karpus, Vadym Kovalenko, Valerii Kotok 23-29
Development of an iron-based alloy with a high degree of shape recovery PDF
Ahmed Sundus Mohammed, Oleg Akimov, Kateryna Kostyk 30-37
Electrochromism of Ni(OH)2 films obtained by cathode template method with addition of Al, Zn, Co ions PDF
Valerii Kotok, Vadym Kovalenko 38-43
Study of structure influence on wear resistance of hierarchial superhydrophobic coatings PDF
Oleksiy Myronyuk, Volodymyr Dudko, Denis Baklan, Liubov Melnyk 44-49
Research into protective properties of electromagnetic screens based on the metal-containing nanostructures PDF
Valentin Glyva, Viktoriya Kovalenko, Larisa Levchenko, Oksana Tykhenko 50-56
Martensite transformations in the surface layer at grinding of parts of hardened steels PDF
Vladimir Lebedev, Natalia Klimenko, Inga Uryadnikova, Tatiana Chumachenko, Alexander Ovcharenko 56-63