Vol 3, No 4 (87) (2017)

Mathematics and Cybernetics - applied aspects

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Mathematics and Cybernetics - applied aspects

Ray tracing synthesis of spatial curve images built by the spherical interpolation method PDF
Vladimir Gusiatin, Maksim Gusiatin, Oleg Mikhal 4-9
Development of a set of methods for preforecasting fractal time series analysis to determine the level of persistence PDF
Vitaliai Kropyvnytska, Lev Kopystynskyy, Georgiy Sementsov 10-17
A study of synchronization processes of nonlinear systems in the difference space of phase variables PDF
Leonid Politansky, Ruslan Politanskyi, Valentin Lesynsky 17-24
Method of finding equilibrium solutions for duopoly of supply chains taking into account the innovation activity of enterprises PDF
Yulia Kurudzhi, Iryna Moskvichenko, Mykhaylo Postan 25-30
Calculation of throughputs of intermediate centers in three-index transportation problems PDF
Lev Raskin, Oksana Sira, Viacheslav Karpenko 31-37
A method of building type-2 fuzzy logic systems in multidimensional objects identification problems PDF
Natalia Kondratenko, Olha Snihur 38-45
Spline-approximation-based restoration for self-similar traffic PDF
Irina Strelkovskaya, Irina Solovskaya, Nikolay Severin, Stanislav Paskalenko 45-50
Synthesis of optimal control of technological processes based on a multialternative parametric description of the final state PDF
Dmitriy Demin 51-63