Vol 4, No 7 (88) (2017)

Applied mechanics

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Applied mechanics

Development of a procedure for the evaluation of the stressed-deformed state of pipe-concrete elements that are stretched off-center PDF PDF (Українська)
Dmytro Yermolenko, Volodymyr Pents, Gennadi Golovko, Sergіі Murza 4-9
Evaluation of the stressed-strained state of crossings of the 1/11 type turnouts by the finite element method PDF PDF (Українська)
Vitalii Kovalchuk, Yaroslav Bolzhelarskyi, Bogdan Parneta, Andriy Pentsak, Oleksiy Petrenko, Ihor Mudryy 10-16
Development and application of the method for positioning drainage devices in the head fairing PDF PDF (Русский)
Sergey Davydov, Pavel Semenenko 17-24
Study of the operating element motion law for a hydraulic-driven diaphragm mortar pump PDF PDF (Українська)
Bogdan Korobko, Dmytro Zadvorkin, Ievgen Vasyliev 25-31
Efect of the membrane thermodeflection on the accuracy of a tensoresistive pressure sensor PDF PDF (Українська)
Myroslav Tykhan, Volodymyr Mokrytskyy, Vasyl Teslyuk 32-37
Improving industrial pipeline transport using research of regularities of flow of mixtures in material pipeline PDF PDF (Русский)
Natalia Chernetskaya-Beletskaya, Oleg Guschin, Anna Shvornikova, Igor Baranov, Maria Miroshnikova 38-44
Modeling of operation processes of a motor grader engine during work under unsteady load PDF PDF (Русский)
Dmytro Klets, Maxim Krasnokutsky, Vasily Hatsko, Marina Barun 45-50
Determining the magnitude of traction force on the axes of drive wheels of self-propelled machines PDF PDF (Українська)
Gennadii Golub, Vyacheslav Chuba, Savelii Kukharets 50-56
The rotating chamber granular fill shear layer flow simulation PDF PDF (Українська)
Yuriy Naumenko, Volodymyr Sivko 57-64