Vol 4, No 5 (88) (2017)

Applied physics

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Applied physics

Simulation of nanomodified polymers testing by the electric capacitive method PDF
Victor Bazhenov, Anatoliy Protasov, Igor Ivitskiy, Darya Ivitska 4-9
Improvement of the model of temperature distribution and registration of native radiation of biological objects PDF
Victor Katrich, Nikolai Mustetsov, Valentyn Kozheshkurt 10-16
Design and research of fishing tools with rational parameters of magnetic systems PDF
Taras Romanyshyn, Andriy Dzhus, Liubomyr Romanyshyn 17-22
A method of V-function: ultimate solution to the direct and inverse problems of dynamics for a hydrogen-like atom PDF
Nail Valishin, Sergey Moiseev 23-32
Hydrocavitational activation in the technologies of production and combustion of composite fuels PDF
Oleg Kravchenko, Iryna Suvorova, Igor Baranov, Vitaliy Goman 33-42
A study of phase transition processes features in liquid-gas systems PDF
Anatoliy Pavlenko, Bogdan Kutnyi, Nachvan Abdullah 43-50
Synthesis of the system for minimizing losses in asynchronous motor with a function for current symmetrization PDF
Andrew Boyko, Yana Volyanskaya 50-58
Effect of external pressures in dynamic gas mixers PDF
Ihor Dilay, Zenoviy Teplukh, Myroslav Tykhan, Ivan Stasiuk, Ivan-Roman Zinoviyovych Kubara 59-65