Vol 5, No 5 (89) (2017)


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Applied physics

Investigation of the efficiency of a noise protection screen with an opening at its base PDF
Vitaly Zaets, Svetlana Kotenko 4-11
Research into non-stationary temperature field in the protected metallic structure under conditions of fire PDF
Vasyl Loik, Oleksandr Lazarenko, Taras Bojko, Sergiy Vovk 11-20
A study of the third-order nonlinear susceptibility and nonlinear absorption of inas in the middle infrared region PDF
Musaver Abdulsalam Musaev, Ibrahim Isa Abbasov, Aliashraf Latif Baxtiyarov 20-25
Formation of carbon films as the subgate dielectric of GaAs microcircuits on Si-substrates PDF
Stepan Novosiadlyi, Myhaylo Kotyk, Bogdan Dzundza, Volodymyr Gryga, Svyatoslav Novosiadlyi, Volodymyr Mandzyuk 26-34
Formation of the steam phase in superheated liquids in the state of metastable equilibrium PDF
Anatoliy Pavlenko, Hanna Koshlak 35-42
Study of the effect of thermobaric conditions on the process of formation of propane hydrate PDF
Аnatoliy Pavlenko, Bogdan Kutnyi, Yurii Holik 43-50
Application of spectral analysis for differentiation between metals using signals from eddy-current transducers PDF
Anton Abramovych, Volodymyr Poddubny 51-57
Wave propagation in a three-layer semi-infinite hydrodynamic system with a rigid lid PDF
Olga Avramenko, Maria Lunyova, Volodymyr Naradovyi 58-66
Modeling and analysis of the process of polymeric film cooling on the drum with a liquid cooling agent PDF
Ihor Mikulionok, Oleksandr Gavva, Anton Karvatskii, Mykola Yakymchuk 67-74