Vol 6, No 9 (90) (2017)

Information and controlling system

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Information and controlling system

Design of a device for optimal reception of signals against the background of a two-component Markov interference PDF
Olha Ananieva, Mykhailo Babaiev, Vasyl Blyndiuk, Mykhailo Davidenko 4-9
Development of informationally-protected system of marine water area monitoring PDF
Oleksandr Blintsov, Pavel Maidaniuk 10-16
Development of the method for joint operation of neural-network tuners for current and speed PDF
Yuri Eremenko, Anton Glushchenko, Vladislav Petrov 17-21
Development of a functionally sustainable system of orientation of a free battle flighting unit PDF
Ivan Zhezhera, Boudiba Ouissam, Sergei Firsov 22-29
A comparative analysis of results of the group expert assessment of metrological assurance of measurements PDF
Oleh Velychko, Tetyana Gordiyenko, Leonid Kolomiets 30-37
Development of a mathematical model for estimating signal strength at the input of the 802.11 standard receiver PDF
Dmytro Mykhalevskiy, Nikolay Vasylkivskyi, Oksana Horodetska 38-43
Development of the approach to proving the security of Grostl-like hashing algorithms to rebound attacks PDF
Victor Ruzhentsev, Yurii Onishchenko, Vitalii Svitlychnyi 44-51
Development of a system for monitoring vibration accelerations based on the raspberry pi microcomputer and the ADXL345 accelerometer PDF
Andriy Holovatyy, Vasyl Teslyuk, Marek Iwaniec, Marta Mashevska 52-62
Processing of noisy digital images with use of evolving autoencoders PDF
Oleksandr Bezsonov, Oleg Rudenko, Serhii Udovenko, Olga Dudinova 63-69