Vol 1, No 6 (91) (2018)

Technology organic and inorganic substances

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Technology organic and inorganic substances

Electrochemical regeneration of oxygen­containing compounds in the extracts of used oils PDF PDF (Українська)
Oleksandr Davydenko, Volodymyr Ledovskykh 4-9
Research into transesterification of triglycerides by aliphatic alcohols C2–C4 in the presence of ionites PDF PDF (Русский)
Yuriy Melnyk, Stepan Melnyk, Zoryana Palyukh, Bohdan Dzinyak 10-16
Effect of mechanoactivated chemical additives on the process of gas hydrate formation PDF PDF (Українська)
Volodymyr Bondarenko, Olena Svietkina, Kateryna Sai 17-26
Definition of synthesis parameters of ultrafine nickel powder by direct electrolysis for application in superalloy production PDF PDF (Русский)
Vadym Kovalenko, Valerii Kotok, Sergey Vlasov 27-33
A comparative study on the influence of metakaolin and kaolin additives on properties and structure of the alkali­activated slag cement and concrete PDF PDF (Українська)
Pavel Krivenko, Oleg Petropavlovskyi, Oleksandr Kovalchuk 33-39
Research and control of the purity of production hydrogen with a high degree of purification when applying the electrolysis method of production PDF PDF (Українська)
Valeriy Nikolsky, Olga Oliynyk, Viktor Ved, Olena Gnatko, Andrii Pugach, Iuliia Bartashevska 40-46
Study of anode processes during development of the new complex thiocarbamide­citrate copper plating electrolyte PDF PDF (Русский)
Olha Smirnova, Alexei Pilipenko, Hanna Pancheva, Alexei Zhelavskyi, Kateryna Rutkovska 47-52
The study of properties of composite adsorptive materials “silica gel – crystalline hydrate” for heat storage devices PDF PDF (Русский)
Kostyantyn Sukhyy, Elena Belyanovskaya, Vadym Kovalenko, Valerii Kotok, Mikhaylo Sukhyy, Olena Kolomiyets, Mykhailo Gubynskyi, Oleksandr Yeromin, Olena Prokopenko 52-58