Vol 1, No 7 (91) (2018)

Applied mechanics

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Applied mechanics

Prediction of operability of the plate rolling rolls based on the mixed fracture mechanism PDF
Sergey Belodedenko, Alexey Grechany, Andrey Yatsuba 4-11
A method developed to calculate lateral earth pressure on a sheet pile wall with counterforts PDF
Anna Slobodianyk 11-18
Thin­walled structures: analysis of the stressed­strained state and parameter validation PDF
Mykola Tkachuk, Maryna Bondarenko, Andriy Grabovskiy, Roman Sheychenko, Roman Graborov, Vitaliy Posohov, Eugene Lunyov, Anatoliy Nabokov, Anton Vasiliev 18-29
Study of the influence of a fast­changing temperature on metrological characteristics of the tensoresistive pressure sensor PDF
Myroslav Tykhan, Taras Repetylo, Ihor Dilay, Viktor Markovych 30-37
Geometrical modeling of the process of weaving a wire cloth in weightlessness using the inertial unfolding of a dual pendulum PDF
Leonid Kutsenko, Oleg Semkiv, Leonid Zapolskiy, Olga Shoman, Andrii Kalynovskyi, Mykhailo Piksasov, Irina Adashevska, Inessa Shelihova, Olena Sydorenko 37-46
Search for the dual­frequency motion modes of a dual­mass vibratory machine with a vibration exciter in the form of passive auto­balancer PDF
Volodymyr Yatsun, Gennadiy Filimonikhin, Kostyantyn Dumenko, Andrey Nevdakha 47-54
A multifactor analysis of the rail transport car that passes over a joint unevenness with respect to the phases ot its motion PDF
Vladimir Shpachuk, Aleksandr Chuprynin, Tatiana Suprun, Alla Garbuz 55-61
Synthesis of energy­efficient acceleration control law of automobile PDF
Mikhail Podrigalo, Ruslan Kaidalov, Dmytro Klets, Nadezhda Podrigalo, Andrii Makovetskyi, Vasily Hatsko, Dmytro Abramov, Yuriy Tarasov, Dmytro Lytovchenko, Alexey Litvinov 62-70