Vol 3, No 6 (93) (2018)

Technology organic and inorganic substances

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Technology organic and inorganic substances

Investigation of Ni­Al hydroxide with silver addition as an active substance of alkaline batteries PDF PDF (Русский)
Valerii Kotok, Vadym Kovalenko, Sergey Vlasov 6-11
Mechanoactivation of Portland cement in the technology of manufacturing the self­compacting concrete PDF PDF (Русский)
Ivan Barabash, Darya Harashchenko 12-17
Study of the oxidation kinetics of nitrite ions by potassium ferrate(VI) PDF
James Carr, Irina Goncharova, Dmitriy Golovko, Charles McLaughlin, Igor Golovko, John Erickson 18-25
Synthesis of magnetite nanoparticles stabilized by polyvinylpyrrolidone and analysis of their absorption bands PDF PDF (Русский)
Maria Pasichnyk, Elena Kucher, Lyudmila Hyrlya 26-32
Formation of oxide fuels on vt6 alloy in the conditions of anodial polarization in solutions H2SO4 PDF PDF (Русский)
Alexei Pilipenko, Hanna Pancheva, Viktoriya Deineka, Roman Vorozhbiyan, Marina Chyrkina 33-38
Research into structure formation and properties of the fiber­reinforced aerated concrete obtained by the non­autoclaved hardening PDF PDF (Українська)
Oksana Poznyak, Myroslav Sanytsky, Igor Zavadsky, Serhii Braichenko, Andriy Melnyk 39-46
Study of the effect of micellar catalysis on the strength of alkaline reactive powder concrete PDF PDF (Русский)
Alexsander Shishkin, Alexsandera Shishkina 46-51
Research of the treatment of depleted nickel­plating electrolytes by the ferritization method PDF PDF (Українська)
Gennadii Kochetov, Tatiana Prikhna, Oleksandr Kovalchuk, Dmitry Samchenko 52-60
Mathematical model of obtaining a hydrocarbon fuel based on the fischer­tropsch pathway in a stationary layer of the cobalt­based catalyst PDF PDF (Українська)
Yurii Zakharchuk, Yurii Beznosyk, Liudmyla Bugaieva 60-70