Vol 2, No 1 (98) (2019)

Engineering technological systems

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Engineering technological systems

Analytical method for compiling and applying a ballast map for the traction unit PE2U PDF PDF (Русский)
Dmytro Bannikov, Anatoliy Radkevich 6-14
Intensification of the process of dosing bulk concentrated feeds by sieve hopper PDF PDF (Русский)
Alexander Nanka, Sergei Kharchenko, Volodymyr I. Sementsov, Vitaliy V. Sementsov, Magomed Abduev 14-20
Determining the motion character of loose materials in the system of continuous action «hopper – reciprocating plate feeder» PDF PDF (Українська)
Volodymyr Statsenko, Oleksandr Burmistenkov, Tetyana Bila, Dmytro Statsenko 21-28
Development of trenchless technology of reconstruction of «pulling pig P» pipeline communications PDF PDF (Українська)
Yaroslav Doroshenko, Vasyl Zapukhliak, Kostiantyn Poliarush, Roman Stasiuk, Sergiy Bagriy 28-38
Development of a new process for expanding stepped tapered rings PDF PDF (Русский)
Oleg Markov, Oleksiy Gerasimenko, Leila Aliieva, Alexander Shapoval, Maksym Kosilov 39-46
Definition of energy efficient law of mechanical impact in vibratory stress relief of metal parts PDF PDF (Русский)
Oleksii Sheremet, Mykola Ivchenkov, Olena Ivchenkova, Kateryna Sheremet 47-54
Contour milling programming technology for virtual basing on a CNC machine PDF PDF (Русский)
Yuri Petrakov, Danylo Shuplietsov 54-60
Improving efficiency of machining the geometrically complex shaped surfaces by milling with a fixed shift of the cutting edge PDF PDF (Українська)
Anton Skorkin, Oleg Kondratyuk, Nataliya Lamnauer, Victoria Burdeinaya 60-69