The deep structure of the Greater Caucasus on the basis of geophysical data according to new technologies. 1. Gravimetry, magnetometry, local seismic tomography and micro seismic sounding

S. A. Ghonghadze


The data of gravity prospecting, magnetic prospecting and seismology for the study of deep structure of the earth crust of the Greater Caucasus according to software technologies have been processed and interpreted. The vertical sections depicting the distribution of the contrasts of the density and speeds in the earth crust up to the depth of 100 km under the Greater Caucasus have been constructed. Several speed and density heterogeneities of the zonal division of the Greater Caucasus, which make some corrections for the issues of orogenesis of the Greater Caucasus, have been distinguished. Comparative analysis of the obtained results and the results of the local seismic tomography and micro seismic sounding has been done.


the Greater Caucasus; gravimetry; deep seismic sounding; seismic tomography; micro seismic sounding


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