Results and analysis of earth tide observations with the borehole tiltmeter in Poltava

А. M. Kutnyy, V. G. Pavlyk, T. M. Babych, V. P. Plys


Results of harmonic analysis of eight years earth tides observations with the borehole tiltmeter of the Poltava Gravimetric Observatory are presented. Hight-precision parameters of the main tidal waves and Love´s numbers h and k which practically coincide with similar data from  tiltmetric and gravimetric observations in 25 stations of Ukraine are received. The azimuthal inequality of a factor γ in the NS and EW directions isn't revealed. Resonant influence of the liquid core of Earth coincides with calculated theoretically.


borehole tiltmeter; earth tides; tiltmetric observations; harmonic analysis; tidal parameters; Love’s numbers; resonance of the Earth’s core


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