Features of disjunctive tectonics of Krivoy Rog iron ore area

P. G. Pigulevskyy, V. K. Svistun, Yu. P. Mechnikov, O. S. Kyrylyuk, Yu. V. Lisovoy


The article describes the features of display of faults on the territory of Kryvyi Rih mining area, characteristic of which is different by complicated tectonic structure and covers the main stages of the formation of the crust from the lower Archaean till Late Proterozoic. Faults in the form of wide zones of concentration of gaps, fractures, mylonitization, cataclase, brecciation, magmatism, metamorphism, play a major role in formation of the modern fold-block structure of Kryvbas are well traced in geophysical fields. The main fault structure of the district is the trans-regional deep Krivoy Rog-Kremenchug fault that within Krivbass is presented by multiaxial system of faults: western axis — West fault; the central axis — Tarapakovsky fault; Eastern axis — Saksagansky and East faults. Almost all regional faults consist of two or three closely spaced parallel ruptures. By length, the inner overlay, behavior in geophysical fields in Krivbass the faults are subdivided into three groups: submeridional, corresponding to general spread of the main folded structures; diagonal, corresponding to the spread of the basic fold structures; sublatitudinal that are transverse to the spread of folded structures.


Kryvbas; tectonics; neotectonic structure; fault; seismicity


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