Mathematical model of the electric field of the cathode protection system of the main pipeline

V. V. Lukovich, V. V. Lukovich


In calculations of cathode protection parameters for the main pipelines the value of transitional resistance of anti-corrosion coating is used. Specific resistance of the loading without defects is valuated by numbers from hundreds of kiloOhm/m2 to tenths of megOhm/m2, while the value of transitional resistance changes within the interval from ten kiloOhm/m2 (when the coating is of qood quality) to tens (and even units) Ohm/m2 (when it is of poor quality). This transitional quality rather serves as a criterion of the coating quality. In this work we introduce instead of it the value of a share of defects, which is determined as a ratio of integrated area of defects within the given section of the pipeline and the area of its whole surface. Mathematical model has been designed, algorithm and a program of calculation of protection parameters. Results of calculations according to the data of measurements on the pipelines in action have been illustrated by the diagrams.


Лукович В.В. Математичне моделювання процесу поляризації трубопроводу // Вісн. Київ. ун-ту. Геологія. - 2008. - Вип.44. - С. 10-12

Остапенко В.Н., Ягупольская Л.Н., Лукович В.В., Кохановский И. Н., Егоров Е. В., Кузьменко Ю. А., Калькутин Ю. Г. Электрохимическая защита трубопроводов от коррозии. - Киев: Наук. думка, 1988. - 192 с.


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