Dependence of magnitude evaluation of chemical exposure characteristics at industrial careers within the boundaries of the Ukrainian Shield

Yu. A. Andrushchenko, V. I. Osadchy, O. I. Lyashchuk, I. V. Kornienko


Within the boundaries of the Ukrainian Shield; the main sources of induced seismicity are numerous blasting operations at open and underground minerals mining enterprises. Seismic stations of the Main Center for Special Control of the State Space Agency of Ukraine (GTSSK DSAU) and a network of seismic stations of the Institute of Geophysics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine annually record thousands of industrial explosions in open quarries and mines; whose magnitude mb exceeds 0;5. Based on the analysis of seismic signals registered by the stations of the seismological network of the Main Center for Special Control; the State Space Agency of Ukraine; the ratios of magnitudes (M) and capacity (Y) of explosions were determined on industrial quarries of Kyiv; Zhytomyr; Vinnitsa; Rivne; Khmelnytsky and Cherkasy regions. According to the analysis of the dependence M = f (Y) for each of the investigated quarries; the average ratio between the magnitudes and the explosive capacities was calculated. This ratio can be considered fair for the conditions of the Ukrainian Shield and further used in assessing explosive work on people and the environment.


seismic station; seismic signal; industrial explosion; magnitude; power; energy class; Ukrainian Shield


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